Boyteks Adds Graphene to Ticking

Ticking, upholstery and carpet supplier Boyteks Tekstil, a division of Boydak Holding, with world headquarters in Kayseri, Turkey, has launched a mattress fabric collection called Graphene. The new knit uses high-tech yarns containing an elemental form of carbon that scientists first isolated in 2004.

boyteks graphene ticking

Boyteks’ Graphene collection is soft and anti-static, and it contains one of the world’s strongest materials.

The journal Nature describes graphene as a “two-dimensional, monolayer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.” Scientists have said graphene is one of the world’s strongest materials, as well as the thinnest and best conductor of heat and electricity.

The material is finding its way into everyday items, including mattress fabrics. Boyteks said its new ticking is a smart fabric that contains yarn spun with graphene fiber, which gives it inherent anti-static properties. The fabric has a honeycomb pattern that is reminiscent of graphene’s hexagonal arrangement of single atoms.

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