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Beth English
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As I write, a pristine blanket of snow covers my yard. The cat and I have been peering out the window throughout the day — she to see the fluttering of birds in tree branches or, if she’s lucky, our window feeder; me simply to admire the sheer beauty of a whitened world. We typically get a few snowstorms each winter, but not always. So, when it comes, I feel the familiar bubbling of joy and wonder at the swirl of flakes and the clacking of ice-covered branches.

Snow brings with it a silence, a muffling of the day-to-day world. It brings to mind the softness of a bed and the sweetness of slumber. It particularly makes me think of pillows — big, fluffy ones that you can’t wait to sink into.

It’s a delight for me to think about pillows. Isn’t it for everyone? Pillows have to be some of the most beloved items in a home.

For this month’s cover story on pillows, Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president of Pompano Beach, Florida-based Blu Sleep, talked about the importance of pillows to her personally. “When I travel, I travel with my pillow,” she said. “I’ll even take clothes out of my suitcase to do it because I know having my pillow will improve my sleep.”

I know she’s not alone. Walk into any airport and you’ll see people carrying pillows — and probably more with pillows in their suitcases. My daughter takes hers with her to sleepovers. And I definitely take mine on overnight trips to visit family.

I’ll bet even well-known people have an affinity for their personal pillows. This morning, I had the privilege of talking with Joe Theismann, former Washington quarterback, Super Bowl champion, ESPN sport commentator, entrepreneur and our keynote speaker for the upcoming ISPA Industry Conference March 13-14 in St. Petersburg, Florida. He talked about the importance of sleep and how the players used to bring in their own mattresses during training camp so they could get the best rest. Even now, he places a high value on sleep and said having the right tools, such as a quality mattress, good bedding and especially a just-right pillow, makes a difference. (Check back in March for more from this interview.)

We smoosh our pillows and squeeze them and flip them and embrace them. And, in return, they bring us comfort. Pillows are wonderful.

So, maybe that’s why an unsullied expanse of snow makes me think of the delights of pillows. Both bring joy. Comfort and joy.

As we roll out this new year, that’s what I wish for you. As you provide rest for untold numbers of people, may you find joy in doing your job with excellence and comfort in knowing you are contributing to the health and well-being of many. Here’s to 2019!

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