A Vacation State of Mind

happy vacationing womanIf you’re desperate for a vacation but don’t have the time or the means, a new study shows a change in mindset can help you get those positive vacation vibes.

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Management asked a group of 250 people to treat their weekend as a vacation. Another group of 250 was asked to treat their weekend as they usually would.

When participants returned to work on Monday, members of the group that viewed the weekend as a vacation reported feeling more present on their days off and happier overall.

And while they did less housework and enjoyed their friends and family more, it wasn’t what they were doing or not doing that made the difference, the study authors said in a white paper.

“Rather than any changes in one’s activities, it was indeed one’s minding of the present moment throughout the weekend that increased enjoyment during that time and produced greater happiness when back at work,” they wrote.

Ready for the weekend yet?