Latexco Expands Pulse Latex With U.S. Production

Latexco Pulse marketing materialsLatex and polyurethane foam producer Latexco U.S. Holdings LLC, based in Lavonia, Georgia, now is producing the company’s signature Pulse latex for toppers and comfort layers at its U.S. plants in Lavonia and Glendale, Arizona. Pulse uses the patented SonoCore vulcanization process developed by parent company Latexco NV, with world headquarters in Tielt, Belgium.

SonoCore employs radio frequency technology and dielectric heating to vulcanize latex from the inside out instead of the conventional steam heating and drying used in Dunlop-process latex. The result is a more durable, consistent and homogeneous foam, the company said.

“Extreme comfort and softness are Pulse’s signature attribute and benefit,” said Brent Limer, chief sales officer for Latexco U.S. “With the SonoCore process, we are able to achieve a unique product that provides a perfectly balanced microclimate because it has superior ventilation and humidity control properties.”

Pulse also is more cost-efficient to produce and the SonoCore process has been proven to significantly reduce energy consumption, which supports Latexco’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing, the company said.

Pulse is available as 100% natural latex or a 50/50 blend of natural and synthetic latex. It’s available smooth, waved, zoned, gel-infused or with a jute cushion to act as insulation over an innerspring core.

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