Soft-Tex Enables More Online Reviews

Soft-Tex International, a maker of specialty sleep bedding and accessories based in Waterford, New York, has signed a two-year agreement with Bazaarvoice for solutions to collect customer reviews through product sampling and distribute the content to key retail partners.

The agreement enhances Soft-Tex’s e-commerce product pages under its national brands, such as SensorGel, SensorPEDIC, BioPEDIC and SwissLux, through the addition of review content from the Bazaarvoice TryIt Sampling community. In addition, Soft-Tex now has the ability to respond directly to customer reviews on retail websites.

“Soft-Tex is well-known for consistently bringing innovative new product to the marketplace, and now with Bazaarvoice’s solutions, we will have a more streamlined process to better sample new product with our retail partners,” said Taylor Jones, director of digital marketing and e-commerce. “We are also extremely excited to be able to directly respond to customer reviews as the manufacturer for our products.”

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