Dog Days

Golden Retriever wearing a tieYou say your company morale is flagging, sagging and downright dragging? Instead of letting your business go to the dogs, why not let the dogs come to your business?

June 21 is Take Your Dog to Work Day, a national observance that encourages employers to invite man’s best friend into the workplace for a day. Sponsored by King, North Carolina-based Pet Sitters International, the event’s underlying goals are to celebrate dogs and promote their adoption, but there’s a treat for employers, too: When dogs are around, workers tend to, shall we say, do more wagging and less barking.

Some 80% of employees in pet-friendly workplaces say having pets at work improves morale, according to a survey sponsored by Banfield Pet Hospital, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. An overwhelming majority say it also reduces stress (83%), fosters greater company loyalty (83%), improves work relationships (79%) and even increases productivity (66%).

PSI also sponsors Take Your Pet to Work Week (June 17-21) and Take Your Cat To Work Day (June 17), both events touting the same benefits of having pets in the workplace.

It’s obviously not a fit for every company or facility, but many employers have experimented with pets in the workplace and decided they were barking up the right tree.

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