Sleep Number Publishes Research From Smartbed Data

Sleep Number Corp. recently announced new studies using its 360 smartbed at World Sleep 2022, the 16th international meeting of the World Sleep Society in Rome.

The Minneapolis-based airbed maker presented the results of its first study accepted for publication in the journal Physiological Measurement, which show the potential of an algorithm to detect sleep stages in real-time using cardiac data gathered from its 360 smartbed.

Sleep Number also presented results of a prediction model for influenza-like illnesses and a study to potentially detect sleep disorders such as insomnia. These studies further demonstrate the potential research capabilities of the 360 smartbed to accurately assess and monitor sleep in a non-invasive, longitudinal way, while also delivering quality sleep.

“As evidenced by our new data presented at World Sleep 2022 and our first study accepted for publication, Sleep Number is redefining the standards for monitoring sleep for research and health through the 360 smartbed,” said Annie Bloomquist, chief innovation officer. “In collaborating with leading physicians, researchers and institutions, we know they need a trusted device that’s accurate and offers longitudinal data collection. They seek the ability to understand native, undisturbed, real-world sleep behaviors and their ensuing health implications to translate scientific understanding into improved sleep quality. Our 360 smartbed offers those capabilities.”

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