BedTimes Magazine | June Issue Preview

Beth English, Waynette Goodson, and Dave Perry share their highlights from the June issues of BedTimes Magazine.


Beth English
I’m the editorial director of Bedtimes magazine. I’m here with managing editor Waynette Goodson and editor at large, Dave Perry. And we just wanted to tell you all about our June issue, which is online right now. If you want to go look at it or it’ll be in your mailboxes soon. First off, I want to tell you about our top of bed feature.

You know, all of these protectors and toppers and linens and that what customers are looking for with those these days. They are very much like a mattress and are looking for breathability, cooling, and sustainability. And speaking of sustainability, you may have seen this in our newsletters, but the Board of Trustees recently passed a Sustainability Initiative which is leading to a committee, and also our very first sustainability conference, which is coming up in November.

It’ll be in Charlotte. It’ll be on the 16th and 17th. And I hope many of you can make it. Waynette, I’m going to pass it over to you so you can discuss some of our other features.

Waynette Goodson
I get to talk about the main feature on the cover. I get to talk about the weather, and I’m excited about that. I’m a big weather geek. I never miss the weather. And this is important for you because Julie Palm is writing about how to weather the weather now. It’s not your imagination. Each year the storms are getting worse.

Here we are in June kicking off our hurricane season, and Julie talks with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And she finds out that last year there were actually twenty major weather events with losses exceeding $1 billion. Now we’re on the cusp of the new season they’re predicting. 19 named storms and another nine hurricanes this year. So Julie talks with a lot of different insurance companies about just how what you can do to prepare your business for big weather events.

Maybe save you some money. So batten down the hatches. Be sure to read Julie’s story. Now, I’m going to pass it over to Dave and he’s going to tell you all about this June profile.

Dave Perry
Thanks, Waynette. In June. I am talking about Paramount Sleep. Two things about Paramount that are especially interesting. One, they do extremely well with high-end beds. By high-end, I mean up to $25,000 a king. And also they do very well with private label bedding. The private label part of the business, there’s not a lot of talk about it.

It’s actually a very important part of the business. More retailers are looking to private label lines. So I’ll be talking about that. In my column I talk about you might be judged by what’s behind you. Namely the shelves behind you. There’s a bookshelf behind me. you can’t quite see it. I talk about it’s great to have weighty, heavy books to make it look like you’re up you’re thinking about weighty, heavy topics.

I’m a big history buff. I love this book. This is Ron Chernow’s biography of Grant. Grant was a great strategic leader. And I think in business strategy is a key to our success. And you would find it interesting to see how Grant strategized about what he should be doing in the Civil War. Also, just a quick heads up, we’re going to be at the Las Vegas market coming up in several weeks.

And we want to invite you to submit your Las Vegas product introductions. We’ll have coverage online. We’ll be at that important market and we’ll have a full report in a future issue of BedTimes. Beth, a couple of final thoughts from you.

Beth English
Just want to say I’m very excited about this issue. I hope it’s a good issue for you as a reader. We would always love to hear from you. Thanks for listening and we’ll look forward to seeing you here next month.

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