Motesque and Swiss Sense Offer Digital Mattress Testing Tool With 3D Avatar

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In 40 Swiss Sense stores in Germany, MQ Fit Mattress technology enables a personalized shopping experience, offering product recommendations and making it easier for consumers to find the perfect mattress.

Motesque, a start-up specializing in biomechanics, computer vision and AI, has joined Swiss Sense, a European retailer, to launch SleepLAB Bodyscan, a digital mattress recommendation tool using MQ Fit technology by Motesque.

The partnership marks the first time MQ Fit Mattress technology has been integrated in stores. The highly scalable tool makes it possible to receive mattress advice suiting your personal sleeping behavior and body shape both online as well as in store.

Powered by MQ Fit Mattress, Swiss Sense SleepLAB Bodyscan offers customers a high-quality shopping experience and enables virtual testing of the mattresses in online and physical stores, resulting in personalized product recommendations, according to the news release.

Using two photos and basic information like age, height, weight and sleeping preferences, the AI engine generates a 3D avatar of each individual. This digital representation of the customer then virtually lies on all the mattresses from the store’s database and returns results in just a few seconds.

MQ Fit technology from Motesque ensures that the complex analysis is transformed into accurate and user-friendly formats, simplifying the decision-making process and improving consumers’ sleep quality. This AI and data-based SaaS platform is designed to keep people healthy for as long as possible and contribute to their quality of life through biomechanical solutions, while improving business results for Motesque customers.

“Finding the perfect mattress is not easy. At Swiss Sense, we know that every person is unique and so are their sleeping habits,” said Erik Diks, chief operational officer of Swiss Sense. “With the new SleepLAB Bodyscan technology, we can further enhance our personal in-store advice. Advice that combines data as well as scientific findings with our personal expertise and the individual preferences of consumers. On top of that, we can offer personal consultation 24/7 online, so it is also possible with the SleepLAB Bodyscan to find the best possible mattress for yourself conveniently online.”

The MQ Fit Mattress is integrated into the new Swiss Sense SleepLAB Bodyscan in 40 stores in Germany and two stores in Austria. The 3D avatar technology is also integrated into the Swiss Sense e-commerce environment on With 128 shops and an e-commerce platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Denmark, Swiss Sense is a leading player in the European market for sleep products.

“In Swiss Sense, we have found a partner that shares our values: supporting human health by improving sleep quality while optimizing the customer experience,” said Kai Oberländer, chief executive officer and co-founder of Motesque. “Swiss Sense is making it possible for us to continue our omnichannel approach and to enable a seamless journey for customers across multiple channels. Online or offline, we guarantee that the customer receives the best possible product for their particular needs.”

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