Good for Everyone

Have you ever heard the expression, a rising tide lifts all boats? 

I know the phrase is usually associated with economics, but I think it can be relevant in the bedding industry when it comes to sustainability. 

In this issue, we have an article about Royal Auping and Covestro Niaga B.V.,  who teamed up to make upcycled mattress models. Gary James wrote a comprehensive piece about how the partnership came about and the resulting products. I love the goal behind the work — to create circular mattresses where every part can be reused instead of discarded. I also love the idea of collaboration to achieve this goal, which ultimately serves everyone. 

For the first time ever, the International Sleep Products Association is hosting a Sustainability Conference Nov. 16-17 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We understand how vitally important sustainability is to our industry and our world. In bringing people together to talk about goals and practical applications, we hope sharing knowledge will create sustainable practices that will help everyone.

As the website says: “The Sustainability Conference is for all levels of knowledge and experience. If you are involved with product design, materials, operations, quality control, logistics, marketing, finance or a sustainability function, attending this conference may give you the edge you need to move forward in setting and achieving your sustainability goals.”

I appreciate that phrase — all levels of knowledge and experience — because I know I have a great deal to learn. It’s exciting to think of being in a room of like-minded people pursing these goals. Please consider inviting people in your company who work in the categories above to register at

In addition to making a difference in the environment, companies that employ sustainable practices tend to get a positive reaction from younger consumers, namely Gen Z.  Our cover story talks about what matters to this group, from economic stability to social justice issues.

I know mattress makers and suppliers have put all kinds of practices into place to reduce their carbon footprint. Take a look at Dave Perry’s profile of Worthen Industries. There’s a wonderful picture of David Worthen, chief executive officer, on the roof of the company’s headquarters, surrounded by solar panels. The array is just one way the company is reducing its impact on the environment.

Many thanks to those of you who are sharing your sustainability stories. Let’s keep the tide rising.

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