Standard Fiber and 37.5 Technology Strengthen Partnership

Standard Fiber has expanded its collaboration with 37.5 Technology, a leader in sustainable thermoregulation material science, to offer a broader scope of bedding products made with innovative temperature-regulating technology. 

According to the news release, bedding made with 37.5 Technology helps keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot — continually adjusting to maintain personal comfort throughout the night. By using the thermoregulating properties of volcanic minerals, which are embedded into fabric and fill, sleep products made with 37.5Technology actively reduce humidity next to the body to maximize the natural cooling process of sweat evaporation, the news release states.

“Standard Fiber has enjoyed a long-standing and successful relationship with 37.5 Technology who share our on-going commitment to providing the best sleep experience to consumers,” said Chad Altbaier, chief commercial officer of Standard Fiber. “We are thrilled that their team is as eager as we are to partner on an expanded offering of new 37.5 Technology sleep products that are presently in the works.” 

Based in Burlingame, California, Standard Fiber will introduce its expanded lineup of utility bedding and mattress fabrics and covers with 37.5 Technology for global distribution early next year. Pillows, mattress pads, comforters, and mattress fabrics and covers with the new technology will be produced at both its North American and offshore factories. 

“We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with Standard Fiber who has an industry reputation for excellence in the home textile, mattress and hospitality industries,” said Serine Steinnes, executive vice president of the global home division for 37.5Technology, which is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. “We are confident about the results that this collaboration will bring in terms of new innovation for bedding and mattress covers in today’s market.” 

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