BedTimes Magazine October Preview

Beth, Dave and Waynette give an exciting preview of what you’ll find in this month’s issue of BedTimes Magazine. Everything you need to know about the upcoming ISPA Sustainability Conference, the modern bedroom, Latex enhancements and more. We’ve got you covered!


Beth English
Hi, this is Beth English, editorial director of BedTimes Magazine. I’m here with our editor-at-large, Dave Perry, our managing editor Waynette Goodson to tell you all about the October issue that’s getting ready to hit mailboxes. It’s very exciting because we’re getting ready for ISPA’s very first sustainability conference, which is coming up in November 15th. No, 16th through 17th, it’ll be in Charlotte.

And we have four dynamic speakers who are coming to tell us about all kinds of issues in the realm of sustainability. You might remember Andrew Dent who was a very popular speaker at ISPA Expo this past year. He’s going to be there. If you’re interested please make sure you register at but yeah go to the October issue. We have speakers stories.

It’ll give you a little preview of what they’ll talk about. So if you can’t make the conference, maybe you can get some good information from that. I’m going to turn this over to Dave so you can tell us about what he put together for this issue.

Dave Perry
Thanks, Beth. I’m looking forward to that conference. It’s going to be great. For the October issue, I’ve got two major things in the issue. A story on latex foam. Latex foam, what’s new in that category? Sustainable, breathable, cool sleeping. Those are some of the key features there, similar to the features that manufacturers are looking for in polyurethane foam.

Latex has the added advantage of playing to higher price points, which are doing well in the industry these days. My profile in the issue is on Boyteks which is a major Turkish fabric producer. How major? They make so much mattress fabric that if you stretched it around the circumference of the world, you would always almost make it around twice.

Waynette, what have you got going on for us in the October issue?

Waynette Goodson
Thanks, Dave. I’m excited about October because I got to do a story called The Modern Bedroom, which took a hard look at just how the pandemic has changed the state of the bedroom, the guest bedrooms and the primary bedrooms. And we talked with architects, designers, realtors, and they told us the trends that are happening now. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that the pandemic kind of killed the guest bedroom a bit.

But in good news, consumers are being more creative as far as doing more Murphy beds and more day beds and finding more creative sleep spaces. Meanwhile, the primary bedroom has become our spa away from spa. You’ve heard of home away from home? Well, we are creating spas in our bedroom now, so please check out the October issue to find out more about all the trends you need to know about the modern bedroom.

Beth, I’ll give it back to you to take us home.

Beth English
So that’s it for our October issue. I hope you look forward to reading it and we will be back with you next month to tell you about November. Thanks.

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