Spring Air Holds Domestic Licensee Summit

Spring Air Domestic Licensee Summit

Spring Air International gathered its senior leadership in Boston recently for its second Domestic Licensee Summit. A celebration of the national status that the company achieved this year, the event focused on best practices and developing new collections for 2023.

Hosted by licensee David Nguyen of C.M. Bedding Group in the Fall River, Massachusetts, manufacturing facility, the event attracted representatives from all 13 licensees across the country. The group reviewed a series of new product collections for 2023, as well as plans for retailer-specific events throughout the coming year.

“Bringing the team together in this way speeds our time to market with new product that is created with the insight and feedback of what I believe to be 13 of the best minds in the bedding business,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air, based in Woburn, Massachusetts. “This kind of collaboration enables us to share best practices in manufacturing in real time, and to solidify and achieve consensus on where we’re going as a brand.”

He noted that the company no longer launches products on a traditional market cycle.

“We bring products to market as we see need in the marketplace,” Bates said. “During this event, all of our 2023 product collections were launched at the factory in Fall River, three months in advance of the Winter Market, so that all of the factories will arrive in Las Vegas with a leg up and all the tools they require to sell the line-up.”

The collections to be shown in Las Vegas include Back Supporter Hybrid Plus, Last Mattress by Spring Air, and the luxury Chattam & Wells models, with mattresses that reach into $15,000 retails in queen sizes.

The new Chattam & Wells entries are set apart by a midnight navy velvet border stitched in the brand’s signature Chesterfield pattern, silky ivory top panels, a gold embroidered crown, gold metal branded tags, and removable velvet toppers affixed with equestrian-style buttons and tabs in navy and gold.

The new Back Supporter Hybrid Plus upgrades the line known for back support and pressure relief with cooling technology. Last Mattress by Spring Air is a heavy-duty performance collection using durable components designed for consumers looking for ultra-durable mattresses.

“With this event, Nick has accomplished what no one thought possible five or six years ago, which is to bring all of these factories together working toward a common goal. We are ready for 2023,” said licensee Brent Ford of Silverline Sleep.

Lester Mesner of Old West Mattress, the most recent licensee to join Spring Air, added, “attending this meeting brought back many good memories of the way things should work in a licensing group.”

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