Therapedic International celebrates, reflects on 65 years

Consistency is the hallmark of the success enjoyed by Therapedic for the past 65 years, according to its management team.

Gerry Borreggine shows the Immunity Collection in the Therapedic Las Vegas showroom.
Gerry Borreggine shows the Immunity Collection in the Therapedic Las Vegas showroom.

“Slow and steady wins the race” is the mantra that Therapedic Board Chairman Norman Rosenblatt has instilled in its group of licensees and the corporate management team.

“We’ve been a beacon of consistency in an ever-changing sea of change,” said Gerry Borreggine, president/CEO of the group. “Brands have come and gone during that time, but we’ve held serve. Therapedic originally positioned itself to be the mattress brand alternative to the market leader, and we’ve further established and developed that position over the past several decades.”

That consistency is reflected in the management and make-up of the group. Multiple licensees have been with the group for over 60 years. Rosenblatt has been on the board or served as its chairman for almost 40 years. Borreggine has been its president for 20 years, and Vice President of Brand Relations Susan Mathes has been with the company for 13 years.

That consistency and support of its board and chairman have given the group a sense of stability that is projected to its retail base, according to a news release.

Since its start in 1957, Therapedic has steadily grown its market share. During the past two decades it has remained within the Top 10 of U.S. mattress manufacturers.

“In the past 10 years, Therapedic has outpaced the industry’s growth. In that time, we’ve only had one down year,” Borreggine said.

That growth is largely due to the quality and caliber of the licensees who comprise the group. Many have been long-term members of Therapedic, and the newer licensees are carefully vetted, according to company officials.

“Each licensee has been an important part of our growth,” Borreggine said. Currently the group has over 50 licensees, with 10 operating in the United States. Recently it added two licenses in Ohio and Tennessee.

“It’s a diverse group,” Mathes said. “And that diversity helps us maintain our innovation of new products and new product designs, such as our best-selling Bravura hybrid line.”

Most recently, one of the licensees helped develop the new Immunity line, which offers a high-content copper mattress, featuring copper infused into both the fabric cover and the foam. This copper story helps Therapedic retailers to market the collection to consumers.

The brand will unveil its first sustainability story with the debut of Sustaina, a line that will tout a more efficient use of steel and recyclability.

Therapedic will show these products and others at the January Winter Market in Las Vegas in space B-946.

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