BedTimes Magazine March 2023 Preview

In this month’s episode, Beth and Waynette highlight the upcoming ISPA Industry Conference March 15-16 in St. Petersburg, FL, along with our new “Beds by Design” series kick-off featuring Camilla Franklins of Creative. BSC and MRC research, along with a new profile on BoBuck Mills, round out the March issue of BedTimes Magazine.


Beth English
Hi, it’s Beth English, editorial director of BedTimes magazine. I’m here with managing editor Waynette Goodson to tell you about our March issue, which is just hot off the press. Waynette, do you want to tell us about our cover story?

Waynette Goodson
Oh, yes. The cover story. That is March 15th and 16th coming up. That’s our ISPA Industry Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. And I think I’m the most excited about the roster of speakers that we have. We’re going to kick it off with Nicole Malachowski, who was the first female Thunderbird pilot. She’s going to talk about just how being in that mach two environment that is twice the speed of sound environment, how that relates to business and how you run your business because now we know how fast things are moving.

But you know, it’s like that old adage, the coach said, “we can be quick, but we can’t hurry.” So she gives some really good tips about just how to move forward quickly but mindfully. And then we’ve got David Kepron. He is formerly with Marriott International the Global Design Strategies vice president. He will talk about how to remain relevant in the digital marketplace.

And he talks about how we can’t rely on our traditional thinking when it comes to consumers and how to reach consumers who expect to have an interactive experience with your brand. That’s another not miss. And then we also have Eric Termuende, and I’m probably butchering that last name, but he has actually written a book about rethinking work, finding and keeping the right talent.

Waynette Goodson
We’re all struggling these days. It’s such a competitive environment for employees. So I’m really interested in what Eric has to say as well. And then, beyond our fabulous cover story, telling you everything there is to know about the conference and what you should sign up for and all the wonderful events and networking, the cocktails. Another story you shouldn’t miss is that I’m all lit up about the new “Beds By Design” series, so I kick it off this month by talking with Camilla Franklin.

She is the vice president of Marketing and Design for Creative, a part of Beverly Knits. And Camilla is a very interesting person to talk with because she has a background in sales. When she’s designing these fabrics, she has in mind that this is about helping to sell the mattresses and just how important it is to recognize design and that story to really, you know, “I buys.”

So it’s a real behind-the-scenes look at every design, at creative. And I hope you all will check it out because it’s the first of a series. So. Beth, okay, I’ll quit tooting my own horn. What do you got?

Beth English
And it’s such a fun series too. I really enjoyed reading that. And just a highlight. I just quickly highlight a few things. We’ve got a profile on BoBuck Mills. They do mattress tape, and we get to learn a little about their history. We have a story, actually, don’t miss a story from MRC about a lifecycle analysis that they conducted which shows that what they do is about, you know, it improves the environment rather than detracts from it through the process of transportation and all those things.

And quickly, we have BSC research; we’re continuing with that and where almost four in ten consumers plan to replace their mattress in the next two years and some other nice factoids that are helpful to us as we plan our next seasons. And finally, we have a nightcap with Dexter Weber of Logicdata, and he has such a great picture with his dogs.

Don’t miss it. I’m having a lot of fun getting this inside glimpse into other people’s sleep habits. And you know something we all have in common, right? And we all care passionately about. So that will do it for our March issue. I look forward to talking to you guys again next month. Take care. Happy reading.

Waynette Goodson
We’ll see you at the conference.

Beth English
Well, that’s true. We’ll see you at the conference.

Waynette Goodson
Hope to see everybody. Thanks.

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