What’s Ahead?

Future Technological Advancements. Red orange arrows, moving forward.

The other night I had one of those lovely, rambling phone calls with my son, who’s away at college. We talked about everything from his job to exercise routines to what we’ve been watching on Netflix. At some point, we started discussing technological changes over the past few decades and wondering what would be next.

When I was growing up, I couldn’t have conceived of the technology we have now. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. I remember my family’s first microwave and our first TV with a remote control. (Sweet relief! I was tired of being the human channel changer.) Computers were around, but not a part of everyday life. “Star Trek” showed Captain Kirk communicating with his starship via some kind of  watch device. That was cool, but it would never happen, I thought.

When my son and I tried to visualize what might come after AI, we were at a loss. I don’t have the brain of an inventor. Part of me feels that we have everything we could possibly need (except for teleportation). 

All the same, I know there’s always room for improvement. Mattress machinery suppliers are constantly working to make processes faster, easier and more efficient. Our cover article this month takes a look at changes in material handling and roll-pack machines. Today’s machines speak to a long list of manufacturers’ desires: increased productivity, customization, quality assurance, ergonomics and safety, scalability, cost-effectiveness, after-sales support and sustainability. It’s a tall order, but these machines deliver.

In July, Waynette Goodson, our managing editor, and Kathryn Greene, our senior editor, hit the ground running at the summer Las Vegas Market. They found solutions for hot and cold sleepers, improvements in adjustability, and new product bundles and price points to help retailers.

This industry is doing its best to constantly improve — not only for consumers but also for the planet. This month, the International Sleep Products Association will host its second Sustainability Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Advancements in sustainability, mattresses and equipment are so exciting. It’s always fascinating to see what’s coming next. It’s generally something I have never thought about, but the minute I see it, I know it’s something that will change things. 

I’m thankful for the dreamers, the inventors and those who want to make things better for everyone.

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