"Take 5" | October 2023 High Point Market Highlights

Join Waynette Goodson, the managing editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines, as she provides an end-of-day wrap-up from the High Point market.


Waynette Goodson

It’s Waynette at Goodson, your managing editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines. And welcome to the High Point market. We’ve had a very big day today. This is your end-of-day wrap so you can know exactly what we’ve seen here. And it’s been a lot. Magniflex, oh my goodness. They have moved into their own space inside Casa Italia, aligning with the luxury Italian makers inside that gorgeous black Casa Italia building.

And then also Yatas Bedding this morning. They have a whole new sweeping showroom space they had busted out from their sister division into home, into their whole new space. Also, hey, a lot of new products are going on. We want to congratulate Bedding Industries of America. They have added two high-profile models to their Eclipse Wellness collection. And then Shifman Mattress has also expanded and refined their quilted collection.

And here we are in front of Malouf. Malouf has just launched a whole new adjustable baseline. So just a lot of new products, a lot of innovation, whole sleep collection. We got to talk about Paramount. They had expanded their partnership with Hypnos. Now, they have a whole new sleep collection and a new gorgeous model of their Arthur 9.0 Legacy collection.

So, if you want to know the whole scoop on the High Point market, look out for your November/December issue of Sleep Savvy magazine and the December issue of BedTimes. Thanks for tuning in. And, as always, get a great night’s sleep.

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