Online Exclusive: Matan and Martin Wolfson of Texas Pocket Springs

Editor’s Note: For the December Beds by Design feature titled, “The Path to Sustainable Design,” we asked industry leaders to fill out a questionnaire about their creative process. Turns out, they are so passionate about the topic that we couldn’t use all their sage insights in the print feature. So, we’ve decided to post the entirety of their Q&A’s online, allowing you, our valued audience, to read all their good answers. This interview with Matan Wolfson, director of business development for Texas Pocket Springs, and Martin Wolfson, owner and CEO, is the second of a seven-part, online-only series that we will post weekly throughout the month of December. Most of all, our sincerest thanks to the executives who participated in the sustainable design feature to help educate the industry about a future defined by a circular economy.

Texas Pocket Springs Sustainable. exas Pocket Springs makes 100% sustainable pocketed coil units without using any glue.
Texas Pocket Springs makes 100% sustainable pocketed coil units without using any glue.

What does sustainable design mean for your company?

Matan Wolfson: From having visited a landfill, which everyone should experience, designing sustainable products became an emotional necessity. At TPS, our goal is that all our products will be 100% sustainable by the end of 2024.

What are your greatest obstacles or challenges when it comes to sustainable design?

Martin Wolfson: From a product standpoint, we’ve achieved a 100% sustainable pocketed coil unit through our patented assembly technology. To add to the momentum, our newest machine, Gen-E, is now in its final testing stages. It should be fully operational by Thanksgiving.

What sustainable products does your company offer?

Matan Wolfson: We make a 100% sustainable pocketed coil unit without using any glue: The permanent heat bonding versus using glue to hold the coils together is a game changer. Not to mention at the ISPA Sustainability Conference, recycling companies stressed how glue was their biggest challenge when disassembling a mattress. Manufacturing a pocket coil unit using glue produces an inferior, antiquated and nonsustainable pocketed coil unit.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to sustainability?

Martin Wolfson: We have a cradle-to-cradle business model already mapped out, drawing our own wire from rod, manufactured from our own recycled coils. We will manufacture our own SBPP (spunbond polypropylene) using recycled SBPP. We understand it’s a long road with challenges, but why not set big goals for ourselves? At the end of the day, we all have to do our part.

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