Nightcap Q&A With Priscilla Peralta

Priscilla Peralta, family and friends.

Priscilla Peralta, far right, is the creative director and product manager for AEC Narrow Fabrics in Asheboro, North Carolina. Prior to joining AEC, she worked as a designer and creative director for ticking producers, including Culp, Global Textile Alliance and Beverly Knits. In her free time, she enjoys painting, yoga, gardening and catching performances at the Tanger Center in Greensboro, North Carolina, with friends and family (especially her 13-year-old daughter, Ciara, pictured beside her dressed for a performance of “Cats”).

BedTimes: Tell us about your bedtime routine. 

Priscilla Peralta: After the normal washing up and hair routine, I like to read and have some chamomile tea. It’s surprisingly thirst-quenching and has a very clean flavor. Though I don’t need the herb to get to sleep; it’s more calming than anything.

BT: What do you avoid before bed?

PP: Exercising, eating, thinking about all of tomorrow’s tasks. All those tend to make my mind race, and I like to fall asleep relaxed. So, I just don’t go there.

BT: How many hours do you typically sleep? 

PP: Eight at minimum! Anything less and I feel it the next day. I’ve been that way my whole life.

BT: Are you a napper? 

PP: There have been many times that I wished I could nap because a quick 25 minutes sounds so appealing. But I’ve never been able to. It’s just not part of my rhythm. 

BT: Pets in the bed – yay or nay? 

PP: That would be a nay!

BT: Barefoot or socks?   

PP: Socks all around the house to keep my toes warm, but they are coming off as soon as I hop in bed.

BT: What are your best sleep tips? 

PP: Complete darkness. No devices or sounds. The best sleep is having your window open and getting fresh, clean air while you rest. Since that’s a luxury for spring and fall only, the rest of the year I keep it cool in the house and stay warm with down blankets.

BT: What are your secrets for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling? 

PP: Absolutely staying on your normal schedule and time zone (if possible).

BT: Is there anything else you want to add?

PP: It may sound cheesy, but when I fall asleep thinking about what I am thankful for, the next day ends up being so much more giving and fortuitous.

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