Employee Education Topics: Essential Training Areas for Your Company

Employee Education Topics

Does your company provide continuing education opportunities to your employees?

If you’re not sure what areas you could and/or should be working on, Management Consulted — a corporate training resource — has posted a list of its 10 most requested corporate training topics. These might give you an idea of sessions you can offer your employees to better your company: 

Leadership development

“Companies — at least the smart ones — are always in search of the next generation of leaders to develop,” Management Consulted wrote. 

Clear communication

This topic includes presentations, meetings, email and more. 

Conflict resolution

The key, according to the training resource, is understanding how to have a dialogue in the midst of disagreement. 

Emotional intelligence

“Understanding what drives people and how to motivate them is crucial,” the company wrote. 

Presentation skills

An effective presentation is about more than just public speaking. 

Understanding relational and group dynamics

Teamwork is a key part of any corporate environment. 

Time management and productivity

“No matter their title, your focus should be less on getting the most out of your people, and more on getting the best out of them,” it wrote. 


This is defined as “the ability to persuade,” an important characteristic of any leader. 

Customer service

As Management Consulted so succinctly puts it, “Industries don’t exist without customers.” 

Business ethics

Actions speak louder than words, and integrity is the action you want your company — and your employees — to be known for. 

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