Global Textile Manufacturer To Showcase Sustainable Offerings At ISPA EXPO

Organics and More fabric showcase. Organics and More logo


Greenville, South Carolina-based Organics and More and parent company Union Fabrics, a global vertical manufacturer of mattress and bedding fabrics and accessories, will be exhibiting at ISPA Expo for the first time. 

They will showcase a breadth of sustainable fabrics, including GOTS-certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel and recycled polyester for all applications both around and above the mattress. 

“We are very excited to be exhibiting at ISPA Expo this year. With today’s strong consumer desire for more sustainable and natural products in all aspects of their life, we are able to help mattress manufacturers as they address the challenge to align with this movement,” says Asif Siddiq, president of Union Fabrics and Organics and More. 

Employing environmentally friendly and sustainable systems throughout the textile manufacturing process has been a hallmark of Union Fabrics for more than 20 years. With a substantial presence in both the European and North American markets, the benefits of natural and sustainable textiles are being realized by an ever-growing consumer base. 

“Our commitment to sustainability and providing the best natural, organic and environmentally friendly fabrics to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We know that the consumer is more knowledgeable and expects our efforts to be more than a veiled attempt at moving sustainability forward. It must have teeth,” says Phillip Glover, vice president of operations at Organics and More. “We look forward to helping our clients, both existing and new, to develop their sustainable sleep solutions.” 

Union Fabrics and Organics and More extend a warm invitation to all ISPA Expo attendees to explore the variety of designs, colors and textures of sustainable fabrics at their booth. 

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