Busy Sleep Industry Buzz: Vegas Market Recap & ISPA EXPO Prep

Busy Sleep Industry Buzz. Busy, cluttered desk.

Do you ever get a phrase stuck in your head and you have no idea where it came from? 

That was me today. I kept thinking about a character from my childhood that chanted, “Busy, busy, busy!” 

I thought it came from a cartoon rabbit of some kind, maybe the one from “Alice in Wonderland.” (On second thought, that rabbit proclaimed, “I’m late! I’m late!”) So, I turned to trusty Google and was shocked to find the line comes from Professor Hinkle in “Frosty the Snowman.” I can’t remember the last time I saw “Frosty.” My children were never into it, so it might have been 20 years ago. How did that live in my brain all these years? And, yet, here we are. 

It probably earned a spot in my long-term memory because it reflects the speed of my life many days. I’m sure many of you can relate. This year we returned from Las Vegas Market at the beginning of February and then immediately started preparing for ISPA EXPO in March. I’m not complaining. After the years of Covid-19 restrictions, it’s a joy to be able to travel.

Busyness is also on my mind because that word captures the feeling of many Vegas showrooms this year. Many exhibitors were pleased with the attendance and order writing. And while the hallways felt a bit quiet, the showrooms were decidedly not. New products and refreshed lines had visitors buzzing. Please take a look at our Las Vegas Market report to get a sense of what the BedTimes editors saw. We gathered so much information we couldn’t include it all in these pages, so watch for an online exclusive with more product introductions at BedTimesMagazine.com.

Of course, I can’t write this column without mentioning the juggernaut that is ISPA EXPO. More than half of this issue is dedicated to the show — from must-have schedules to a complete list of exhibitors — so you can make the most of this trade fair. The publications team is hard at work planning our coverage. In addition to a wrap-up article in the May issue, we’re hoping to catch up with some of you on the show floor to film short social media videos about your products, your shopping lists or the booths you’ve worked so hard to put together. Be on the lookout! Also, make sure you’re following us on Instagram (BedTimes-SleepSavvy), Facebook (ISPABedTimesMagazine), LinkedIn (BedTimes Magazine), X (@bedtimesmag) and look for the hashtag #ISPAEXPO so you can be a part of all the fun. 

I hope you are all busy in the best way possible. Here’s to a productive, active EXPO. See you there.

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