A Lava Showcases Round Bed & Sustainable Foam | Take 5

Join Waynette Goodson as she explores A Lava’s latest innovations in bed design and sustainability. Brent Limer discusses the unique round bed display, showcasing the company’s cut-and-sew capabilities as well as their new sustainable bio foam.


Waynette Goodson
It’s Waynette Goodson today for this edition of Take 5. Brent, what I would like for you to talk about.

A Lava is doing this cool new display with a round bed. Talk about the round bed.

Brent Limer
So, the round bed was an idea that we had when we were planning our show space. We needed something to really attract people in and, you know, be a showpiece. It really gives us an opportunity to show our capabilities in our cut-and-sew operation because we always joke and kid that we’re making rectangles in this industry.

So we wanted to break it up just a little bit and make something a little different that really showcases our full capabilities in our cut-and-sew operations.

Waynette Goodson
Wow. So why not freshen it up? Now, another thing I love that you all are doing is showcasing your sustainability initiatives. So tell our audience about that.

Brent Limer
So, we decided to come up with a sustainability offering. It’s not an offering for the public, but as a cut-and-sew operation and mattress manufacturer for private labels, we put together a bed that has very, added features for sustainability. And every component that’s in the mattress. So that’s why we’re also here with one of our partners, Ramesh from Woodbridge, and he is showcasing this sustainability product that we’re bringing here to the show, a piece of foam that I’m going to let him talk more about because it’s way above my head.

Waynette Goodson
Yes. Sustainable foam or Ramesh. What is that?

Thank you, thank you, Brent. Basically, in this sustainable form, it’s made from an infusion of oil carbon technology. Bio carbon is a technology where we sequester the carbon using biomass and infuse that into the polyurethane foam. The final result is called TrimVisible bio-foam.

the value of this bio foam is it. It has a lower carbon footprint of up to 15%. Also, it has around 10% bio content. So that’s the whole story behind this foam. And, depending on how much foam you use in your mattress, the sustainable content, value increase or something, that’s.

Waynette Goodson
That’s why you need an engineer on your phone. Right? That’s right. Thank you, Ramesh, for that explanation. Hey, exciting things for A Lava. The sustainable foam, the round bed. Congratulations.

Waynette Goodson
And thank you all for tuning in to this edition of Take 5. As always, have a great night’s sleep.

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