Precision Textiles’ New Product Combines FR and Comfort

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Fairfield, New Jersey-based Precision Textiles has launched  IQFit Flex, an FR solution fabric that helps reduce pressure points for consumers, regardless of their sleep style, according to a news release. 

“As we enter into Better Sleep Month, it’s imperative to acknowledge that sleep is not a luxury but a fundamental necessity for overall well-being,” said Bob O’Connell, executive vice president marketing and merchandising for Precision Textiles. “This month presents an invaluable opportunity for mattress manufacturers and bedding retailers to unite in a collective effort to prioritize better sleep habits. With IQFit Flex, we’re empowering manufacturers to replicate more exacting feels with their cores designs while helping the consumer attain a more restorative night’s rest.”  

The material can be transformed into a variety of FR solution products, including traditional FR socks, open width formats for lamination to mattress fabrics, or with the company’s patent-pending Noso Sock design. The Noso Sock streamlines the assembly process, reduces costs and increases throughput by eliminating the need for traditional sewing, stapling or gluing techniques, according to the release. 

Additionally, an independent testing organization found that the IQFit Flex FR sock provided improved comfort and enhanced sleep performance through greater sleep surface contact and pressure point reduction versus a traditional FR Sock design. 

The patent-pending IQFit Flex is sustainably sourced and USDA Bio-Preferred certified.  

O’Connell added, “Together, these certifications provide our customers and consumers with assurance that Precision Textiles’ products are made responsibly, with a focus on environmental sustainability, health and safety. This alignment with consumer values helps to build trust and loyalty among environmentally and socially conscious shoppers.” 

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