Nightcap Q&A With Rachel Gomez

Rachel Gomez is vice president of marketing at Cullman, Alabama-based DreamFit, where she has worked for almost 18 months. She supports all digital and grassroots marketing to help grow brand awareness and online sales. She also supports retailers to drive traffic and educate consumers. 

Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez

BedTimes: Tell us about your bedtime routine. 

Rachel Gomez: As a nearly 40-year-old woman with little children, my routine consists of a hot shower to wash off the stress of a full workload and I do my best to wash off my makeup.

BT: What do you avoid before bed? 

RG: I try my hardest to stay off of my laptop and work before bed. Sometimes I am successful, but most of the time I am trying to finish up my day of emails and tasks. I know how important it is to stay off technology one hour before bed, but let’s face it. That’s something I probably won’t be able to do until I retire, haha. 

BT: How many hours of sleep do you typically get?

RG: I really strive to get around seven to eight hours a night. 

BT: Pets in the bed – yay or nay? 

RG: Nay. Hard no. I am already a light sleeper. The last thing I need is a pet moving around and waking me up. 

BT: Barefoot or socks? 

RG: Team barefoot.

BT: What’s on your nightstand? 

RG: I typically have a water bottle and noise machine on my nightstand. I have recently decided that having my phone and its charger close to my head is not an ideal situation, so I now have it charging in my bathroom. 

BT: Are you a napper?

RG: I wish. I used to be when I was younger. Now, if I take a nap, I won’t be able to sleep well at night. 

BT: What are your best sleep tips? 

RG: Hot showers help me relax and unwind at night. Outside of that, I am not an ideal person to offer sleep tips as I was an insomniac for half my life. 

BT: What are your secrets for getting a good night’s sleep while traveling?

RG: Work really hard that day, haha.

BT: Is there anything else you would like to add?

RG: Before joining DreamFit, I didn’t realize the importance of quality bedding and how it truly impacts the quality of sleep. I thought it was a marketing ploy all these years until I was able to have the privilege of sleeping on DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors and realized they are a game changer. 

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