Bäumer offers new looper for foam cutting

Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG, a machinery supplier based in Freudenberg, Germany, has introduced a new foam-cutting looper, a basic model that can be equipped with additional options to meet customers’ needs.

“The great benefit for the customer lies in the flexibility to buy only the options needed for their cutting applications,” the company said.

By utilizing the latest servo technology for the belt-drive motors, the machine allows users to exchange a foam roll without having to stop the machine completely. Bäumer also has been able to reduce the machine velocity during the roll-exchanging process to prevent unwanted marks on the foam or inaccurate cutting, the company said. After the new roll has been wound, the machine continues to cut with the selected production speed.

A new option allows for an automated change of cutting thickness so that it is no longer necessary to manually adjust the cutting thickness of the foil during the production process. This ensures an accurate result from the start of the cutting process, according to the company.
The looper can be serviced remotely using a VPN connection to the Internet.

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