Massindo Group aids Jakarta flood victims

Massindo Group mattresses floated to flood victims
Massindo Group floats mattresses in Protect-A-Bed encasements to Jakarta flood victims.

The Massindo Group, a distributor of Protect-A-Bed products and owner of the Comforta mattress brand in Indonesia, donated 60 foam mattresses to victims of a massive flood in its headquarters city of Jakarta.

Massindo Group employees, together with special command forces in the region, distributed mattresses, food, flashlights, bottled water and medication to residents after flooding began Jan. 17.

“As we understand so far, many individuals preferred to stay at their homes, sleeping on the floor or floor mat,” says Jeffri Massie, Massindo Group chief executive officer. “We realized the need for mattresses is so important for citizens to achieve a proper rest, especially during this stressful time.”

Massindo Group covered the mattresses with Protect-A-Bed waterproof mattress encasements and placed boxed supplies on top. Because roads were impassable due to high water, the protected mattresses were floated to recipients.