Survey says most Americans don’t sleep well—but they do wear PJs

sleepless cartoon counting sheepIf you’re counting sheep at night, chances are you’re doing it on your side of the bed, in your pajamas and between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on a Sunday, according to a national sleep survey conducted by Costa Mesa, Calif.-based home furnishings retailer Anna’s Linens.

The study reveals that 74% of Americans wear pajamas to bed (8% sleep naked). The same percentage sleep on their sides and 47% share a bed with someone who snores.

Nearly two-thirds say they get a restful night’s sleep three nights or fewer per week, 10% say they get a good night’s sleep every night and a quarter say they sleep well five or six nights per week.

More than half of respondents say they are able to recall fewer than one-quarter of their dreams, while about 10% are able to recall nearly all their dreams from the previous night. Surprisingly, nearly 70% say their dreams were not as interesting as their friends’ dreams.

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