Shifman Mattress continues partnership with Knicks forward Porzingis


Kristaps Porzingis Signs at Bloomingdale’s for Shifman Mattress

Shifman Brand Ambassador and NY Knicks Superstar Kristaps Porzingis signed autographs for fans at a coordinated event at the Bloomingdales 59th Street flagship store in the Shifman Mattress gallery

New York, Sept. 15, 2016:  Hundreds of eager New York Knicks fans stood in line at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, furniture sales floor for hours for a chance to meet and receive an autograph by Kristaps Porzingis. Fans of all ages, families, and groups of friends waiting in a rope line which stretched from the center of the mattress sales floor to the elevators at the far end of the floor. The first 100 people in line were guaranteed autographs by Porzingis and by the end of the over-an-hour-long event, well over 150 autographs were signed by Kristaps along with an additional 150 pre-signed photos freely provided by Shifman Mattress Company.

Kristaps Porzingis is one of the rising rookies in the NBA and is the superstar Power Forward of the New York Knicks. Last year, Porzingis signed on to be a brand ambassador for Shifman Mattress Company. In return for being a brand ambassador, Shifman made a “first ever” Athletic King size mattress set, which was plenty long enough to comfortably fit Porzingis 7’3” frame. Acting as the Shifman Brand Ambassador, Porzingis agreed to come to a live signing session at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store to sign autographs for fans. What was expected to be a moderate turnout ended up being an over-the-top response by appreciative fans who were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shake hands and receive an autographed photo of their sports hero.

Immediately upon Porzingis’ arrival from the elevators onto the 5th floor of the Bloomingdale’s store, a cheer erupted from the crowd and the fans in line began chanting his name, “POR-ZING-IS!” Genevieve Koch, Director of Store Public Relations introduced Bill Hammer, Shifman Mattress Company President who introduced Porzingis.  Porzingis was very warm in greeting fans, posing for autographs and willing to sign memorabilia and pictures for the fans. The evening was eventful and memorable, not just for the fans but for Bloomingdale’s and Shifman as well. “This was truly a magnificent event for both Shifman and Bloomingale’s. We have enjoyed a 29-year partnership with Bloomingdale’s satisfying customers with the finest handmade mattresses in the world,” said Shifman Mattress Company President, Bill Hammer. Based on the success of the Kristaps Porzinigis brand ambassadorship, Shifman Mattress Company intends to expand the program in the future.

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