Verlo Mattress Launched Digital Sleep-Monitoring Technology

Milwaukee-based Verlo Mattress has launched SmartWake, a digital sleep-monitoring technology for consumers that automatically adjusts their wake-up time based on their sleep cycles and other readings.

Verlo Smart Wake Digital Sleep-monitoring technology

The new SmartWake technology from Milwaukee-based Verlo Mattress works with a user’s sleep cycles and
smartphone to determine the best time to sound the alarm.

The factory-direct chain calls the product the world’s smartest alarm clock. It monitors the user’s heart rate, breathing and movement to identify sleep phases and then calculates the best time for the user to start the day, Verlo said in a news release.

This is Verlo’s first foray into sleep technology. The tool was developed in partnership with EarlySense, a company specializing in patented patient-monitoring systems used in health care settings. SmartWake is its first consumer-grade product.

“At Verlo, we know a person’s sleep needs are unique. Our goal is to give each customer the knowledge and tools to achieve their best night’s sleep,” said Kathy Thornton-Bias, Verlo president and chief operating officer. “We created SmartWake with leading technology to help users maximize their sleep and start every morning feeling their best.”

Using a sensor placed under the mattress, the SmartWake alarm wakes users during a light sleep phase, the optimal time for waking, within a selected time range that the user chooses (for example 6 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.). The data collected by the sensor is communicated via Bluetooth to the dedicated SmartWake app on the user’s synced smartphone, where the user sets the alarm.

In addition to the alarm function, SmartWake generates a personalized sleep report that includes heart rate, respiration rate, sleep duration, time to fall asleep, movement, sleep phases, time awake and time in bed. It also provides daily sleep tips and a personalized sleep score.

SmartWake is available only in Verlo stores and retails for $199.

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