iFit and EarlySense Partner to Produce Sleep Monitoring Technology

Sleep Monitoring Technology

Smiling young woman using activity tracker at gym

Fitness technology company iFit has teamed up with medical-monitoring device company EarlySense on a sleep monitoring technology for the consumer market.

iFit is a division of Logan, Utah-based ICON Health and Fitness, and EarlySense is headquartered in Latham, Massachusetts. Together they will produce a sleep monitoring technology sensor that will be integrated with iFit mattresses and mattress covers to track sleep quality and heart/respiratory rates.

Users will be able to get personalized tips on how to improve their sleep, according to a news release. 

“Our technology, which has been proven in the hospital environment, answers the market need for accurate wellness tracking and empowers and motivates users,” said Liat Tsoref, vice president and general manager of the Digital Health Business Unit at EarlySense.

“Improving sleep performance is the cornerstone of improving overall health, and improved fitness supports better sleep. Quality sleep at night translates to being more actively engaged during our day-to-day lives and to experiencing a new level of control and insight into our overall well-being,” Tsoref said. 

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