UPACO’s new glue gun SprayClean is money saver

UPACO Adhesives, a division of Worthen Industries Inc., with headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire, has introduced SprayClean, an applicator gun for water-based adhesives that virtually eliminates overspray adhesive fog.

Upaco glue gun SprayClean
The SprayClean glue gun from UPACO Adhesives, a division of Nashua, New Hampshire-based Worthen Industries Inc., eliminates sticky overspray and saves money on glue usage.

The new glue gun does not need compressed air to operate or to atomize the adhesive.

In eliminating overspray, SprayClean enables “mattress manufacturers to save money by using less adhesive,” said Steven Adams, business manager for UPACO’s Foam Fabricating Adhesives Group. “Their employees work in a cleaner environment (and eliminating overspray) reduces maintenance on surrounding equipment such as tape-edgers and quilters. SprayClean … requires little maintenance and is very robust for daily use in tough manufacturing environments.”

The device is meant to be used with UPACO water-based adhesives throughout the mattress-manufacturing process, such as for adhering foam layers, foam encasements or the attachment of quilted pillow-tops.



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