Vispring, Bloomingdale’s team up for exclusive beds

Luxury bed maker Vispring, with headquarters in Plymouth, England, continues to grow its United States presence by partnering with Blooming-dale’s to introduce its Luxury Bed collection.

vispring stjames

Plymouth, England-based Vispring’s exclusive St. James mattress, along with the headboard and divan, retails for $46,000 at Bloomingdale’s.

The four models are sold exclusively in six stores.

The top model, the $46,000 St. James mattress, headboard and divan, was celebrated with a launch event on June 8 at the retailer’s 59th Street flagship store in New York.

The St. James is the highest priced mattress on the high-end department store’s showroom floor, according to a Vispring news release. The mattress is handcrafted by English artisans using some of the world’s finest materials, such as three layers of hand-nested calico pocket springs, horsetail, Platinum Certified British fleece wool, organic cotton, cashmere, alpaca and Mulberry silk, the company said. In addition to the mattresses, Vispring offers customizable divan and headboard sets with a variety of designs and fabrics.

“Bloomingdale’s is known for the superior way it caters to its customers’ affluent lifestyles,” said Magali Castillo, global marketing director for Vispring. “Every consumer category needs a Bentley, Rolex or Cartier to drive the standards of luxury, quality and craftsmanship. As we have seen in the sleep products industry, there is a growing market of consumers who want the finest materials, handiwork and exclusivity that comes with owning one of our sleep systems.”

In addition to the St. James, the Vispring collection includes three other custom-designed beds: the Clarence, Windsor and Whitehall.

“This exclusive collection provides consumers the optimum sleep experience, achieving a level of quality, luxury and excellence that is beyond comparison,” Castillo said.

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