Talalay Global Unveils New Latex Product

Talalay Global_EverCloud Plus
Shown coming off a machine at the company’s factory in Shelton, Connecticut, Talalay Global’s new latex product can be used in quilting layers of mattresses.

Talalay Global, a latex supplier and finished products manufacturer based in Shelton, Connecticut, has launched a proprietary latex product that allows latex to be used in the quilting layer of a mattress.

The company said in a news release that the new product, EverCloud Plus, is softer and offers more elasticity than other latex formulations, making it easier to process through quilting machines. EverCloud Plus replaced the company’s previous EverCloud material, which had resembled other latex rolls in the marketplace. The company said the new EverCloud Plus material is the result of a new and improved formulation and manufacturing process.

“Our new EverCloud Plus is backed by our science-based design strategy and provides manufacturers with a product that is not only easier to work with, but also offers enhanced strength,” said Marc Navarre, chief executive officer of Talalay Global. “In developing the new formula, our team created a much softer feel and in a thinner profile, giving manufacturers the ability to incorporate it into the quilting layer of mattresses where consumers will feel the benefits of latex immediately.”

The new product is being sold domestically and internationally and is available in quiltable rolls, toppers and lumbar support.