Lean and Efficient

There’s something about this time of year that makes decluttering so appealing. The lazy days of summer, when we were outside as much as possible, have slipped by. Now, with autumn here and winter on the horizon, the indoor days are coming. Clutter can create claustrophobia, so, for me, the time to tackle it is now.

For the past month, I’ve taken on one decluttering project at a time. My office, several kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, medicine cabinets and the junk drawer all have received the treatment. A new order has been created. Taking away the old has allowed me to see what I actually have and reorganize it in a way that makes life easier. 

Recent books and Netflix shows have fanned these decluttering flames. One of the motivations behind decluttering is to possess only what truly matters. I find it also brings a greater efficiency. I can lay my hands on what I need right away because I know where it is. And it saves money. Previously, I might have purchased something, such as batteries, because I didn’t know whether I already had them. 

In the same way, the Mattress Recycling Council’s new Sleep Products Sustainability Program, or SP2, is designed to help manufacturers reduce waste and energy consumption to make their operations more efficient and, ultimately, save them money. While not quite the same as decluttering, SP2 brings about similar end results and employs some of the same thinking. Both require individuals and companies to look at their spaces and processes with new eyes.

Reading about this program inspired me. While SP2 is starting in California with mattress manufacturers, it has the potential to expand to suppliers and retailers and maybe other states. It’s such a good idea. Trainers give manufacturers the tools to evaluate their facilities, looking for areas where they can reduce waste. It might mean asking what else they can recycle. It might mean seeing where energy or water is being wasted. Or the company can look at reducing transportation and fuel costs.

I highly recommend that you read the article. One example in the article prompted me to look at water waste in my home. We have a leak that, now that I look more closely at it, should be an easy fix. If it works, I’m definitely looking forward to a lower water bill.

This article is just the first that will highlight this new program. Look for updates in the months ahead as more manufacturers figure out ways to make themselves leaner and more efficient.

In the meantime, take a look at your facility and even your home and see what changes you can make. It will make a difference to your bottom line and to the environment. Win-win.

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