Upcoming Malouf Forging Freedom Event Has Important New Focus

Sleep products supplier Malouf, based in Logan, Utah, and the registered nonprofit Malouf Foundation invite you to the fifth biannual Forging Freedom event at Las Vegas Market. On Monday, Jan. 27, 4:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., in the new Malouf showroom B1350, attendees will learn about a new initiative to help child abuse survivors find hope and healing.

Child abuse is an enormous problem with more than three million cases of child abuse reported annually in the United States. Many more instances are never reported to authorities. For children who have been abused in their home, the perpetrator is usually someone the child knows.

Forging Freedom attendees will discover how their businesses can get involved with this nationwide campaign to help abuse survivors. The presentation will offer listeners an understanding of the essential steps needed to make an impact on children in their communities.

Malouf OnWatch Certified badge

In addition, during the month of January, which is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the Malouf Foundation is holding an OnWatch Challenge to encourage more businesses to become involved with its OnWatch training. The training educates the industry and individuals on the signs of human trafficking — and how to respond to them.  

“Once people realize the severity of human trafficking, they want to get involved, and we always encourage them to start with the OnWatch training,” said Jake Neeley, director of philanthropy for Malouf. “The more people who know the signs, the bigger difference we can make as an organization and as a society.”

As part of the OnWatch challenge, businesses are encouraged to have 90% of their employees trained by Jan. 31. Once that goal is reached, the participating business becomes a certified OnWatch Advocate, and they receive a custom badge to display on their website, on social media, or in an email signature. In addition, Malouf is donating $5 for every person who completes the training. All donations will further the foundation’s mission to end child sex trafficking and exploitation.

“My team has experienced the unpredicted benefits of the OnWatch training,” said Barry Whitehead, COO at Bailey’s Holding Company and an OnWatch advocate. “It has softened our hearts, strengthened our culture, and created a more engaged team.  We stand for something bigger than any one of us could individually.”

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