Color Me Happy

Today was one of those rare sunny, clear, warm days in late winter. My son and I took a walk around the neighborhood at lunchtime, marveling at the bright blue sky and gentle breeze. Earlier in the week, our trees clacked with icy limbs. And, looking at the forecast, snow is coming again this weekend.

But it felt so wonderful to be outside after a series of gray days. Few things boost my mood faster. I can’t wait for the trees to start budding and adding fresh color to the landscape. This weekend, I’m looking forward to starting my spring garden by planting seeds indoors. 

It seems I’m not the only one who’s craving time outdoors and the elemental comfort of plants, earth and sky. In Julie A. Palm’s article on the color trends of 2022, she noticed a strong theme from most color forecasters — they believe consumers have enjoyed time spent outdoors and want to bring those tones inside. (See page 33.) So many soft greens! And a healthy dose of blues and even an earthy brown. It makes sense to me. Those hues, while not vibrant, are comforting. 

I found it interesting that paint company Dunn-Edwards calls its broader trends forecast “naturrensing.” Google tells me this is a Norwegian word meaning “nature cleansing.” It seems we are looking to the colors of nature to bring peace in this unsettled world.

Palm also reached out to industry designers about what they anticipate will show up on beds in the coming year. (See page 40.) Much like the hues chosen by other trend forecasters, comforting colors topped many lists. However, some saw a balance between those soft tones and unexpected, vibrant hues.

The time for ISPA EXPO has finally arrived, and I can’t wait to see what these designers and others bring to the show. Looking at all the fresh ticking and tape patterns and color combinations is one of my favorite parts — along with oohing and ahhing over the machinery, touching foams, examining innersprings and taking in all the creative booth ideas. It’s all exciting.

But color and pattern are designed to catch the eye, and they catch mine. What will the best-dressed beds be wearing later this year or next? Brandon Wells, executive vice president and general manager for the mattress division of Standard Fiber, hopes some mattress makers will step away from the safe zone of white, black and gray. What do you think? What are you looking forward to seeing and experiencing at ISPA EXPO 2022? I hope to see you there.

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