Beds By Design | Meet Kristi Hopper With Kingsdown

Award-winning Dallas-based designer Kristi Hopper shares her design aesthetic and her plans to partner with Kingsdown to launch a designer program that brings mattress know-how to the design community.


Waynette Goodson
It’s Waynette Goodson. I’m your Managing Editor of BedTimes and Sleep Savvy Magazines. And welcome. We have a fabulous designer with us today. Kristi Hopper out of Dallas, Texas. Kristi, why don’t you tell our audience a little bit about you, your business, and your design aesthetic? Let us know who you are.

Kristi Hopper
So I’ve been an interior designer for 23 years. We focus on residential interior design. And I think the best part of my job is making my clients happy and making their dreams come true. I like to say my design aesthetic is the thing that makes your life better. So that’s how I design. I don’t design. – oh, I only do black and white.

I don’t do that.

Waynette Goodson
You love some color.

Kristi Hopper
I do love color. I love color. But, you know, if people have their own personal art collection or their own personal colors that they love, we make that work. And I think that’s the most interesting thing about design nothing is the same. And I love that.

Waynette Goodson
Right. Well, going back to good design makes you feel better. You know, it creates a wonderful environment for you and certainly a good night’s sleep. Yes. Makes you feel a whole lot better. So, Kristi, we understand that you love the Kingsdown brand and are a fan.

So what draws you to Kingsdown?

Kristi Hopper
Well, the thing that I’ve learned about Kingsdown is that they have affordable luxury, and they have a lot of components that cost a lot more than other brands like they have natural fibers and everything can breathe. And I think that’s really important as they’ve really given it the technology, and they’ve really worked on figuring out, you know, how to make comfort and health a priority.

And for me, that’s what I sell for my clients for sleep. We have other components that we use. And I was missing the component of a mattress. Right. And so, for me, Kingsdown fits that bill.

Waynette Goodson
Right. So you have the comfort, and then you have the gorgeous design. You have it coming together. It’s beautiful. Look around; it’s gorgeous in here. Okay. So the last question. So now you have your partnership with Kingsdown, and I know that it’s still in its infancy and you all are working out the details, but what are your expectations so far as to what you’re going to bring to the design community through the partnership with Kingsdown?

Kristi Hopper
Well, I believe that designers are always looking to help their clients, and we haven’t had that in the past with any kind of mattress manufacturer. It’s something that I tried to do many years ago with my chiropractor, actually, and it was hard to do. So what Kingsdown has done is they’ve come to me, and they’ve said, we really want to work with the design community, and we’re going to start with you. And we’re going to figure out how to do this. So not only are we going to be able, as designers, to recommend a good product that’s affordable, and that is also what we’re looking for in terms of health. But it’s also going to be a way that we can all make a little money, you know. And that’s important for us as designers.

Waynette Goodson
Everyone benefits; the design community, your clients, Kingsdown. I just love this idea. I’m so excited to kick this off with you, Kristi, and just see where it goes. And Kristi, thank you so much for your time. I know you’re just so very busy. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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