A Note of Appreciation

There’s never a bad time to express gratitude and thanks. 

In our cover story this month we asked industry members what — and who — they appreciated. In the spirit of that article, I’d like to take a minute to share the people I’m grateful for on a daily basis — the publications team. 

First, there’s Dave Perry, our editor at large. I’m sure you all know him well. He’s been a fixture in the bedding world. He carries so much knowledge about the people and companies in our industry that I’m in awe. And I’m deeply grateful that he shares that knowledge with us. Dave has great ideas and always is willing to lend a helping hand. 

Waynette Goodson, managing editor, has been with BedTimes only since the end of February, but it feels like she’s been with us forever. She jumped right in — going to ISPA EXPO her the second week on the job. Like Dave, she has lots of creative ideas that I love. And if you meet Waynette, you’ll immediately feel her warm, positive energy. 

Kerri Bellias, vice president of advertising and sales, is another familiar face at markets and at ISPA EXPO. Her hard work ensures that industry members can get the word out about their products and services in a number of formats (print, digital, video and trade shows). But let me tell you why I appreciate her. She is so smart. She gives good advice. She’s a great travel partner and just an all-around lovely person

If you enjoy the look of this magazine, you can thank Stephanie Belcher, our creative director. Stephanie has been with the magazine for years and has shepherded it through numerous redesigns. In addition to being organized and creative, she is kind and thoughtful and goes out of her way to celebrate the accomplishments of others. 

Gary Socha, ad production and sales coordinator, is one of the newer additions to our team. I finally got to meet him in-person at our August retreat, and he was exactly as I expected — warm, kind, thoughtful. 

Robin Mykytyn, ad production and sales coordinator, is the newest member of the staff. She is taking the role formerly held by Julie Lewis Dossey, who has left to pursue a new career. We’re all going to miss Julie, but we’re delighted to have Robin. I can already tell she’s going to fit in beautifully.

Mary Rulli, circulation manager, is another one of those smart, warm people you want to be around. She handles all things circulation and does it wonderfully. If I ever have a question, she’s quick with a response. I can’t imagine anyone else doing the job she does.

Kathy Rush, digital communications manager, joined the staff in January. I am so grateful for her work. Not only does she keep our websites up to date, Kathy also sends out BedTimes in Brief each week and is the voice behind our social media posts. She’s a quick learner and someone who makes you feel at ease.

These are just a handful of the people I feel thankful to know and work alongside. Who brings you joy in your professional and personal lives? This month is a great time to tell them.

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