Embracing Change

Industry Changes Ahead

We’re in the second month of a new year and already we can sense changes. We know 2024 will bring an extra day in February, a total solar eclipse in April, the Summer Olympics in Paris and a glut of political ads, which will end after the November presidential election in the United States.  

But what about our industry?

We know 2024 will be challenging in many respects, but our cover story delves into a positive change — recycling pocketed coil units. The sleep products industry is actively pursuing sustainability in products and processes, and this is just one example of people and companies working across the supply chain to make a difference. Recyclers, machinery makers, components and adhesives suppliers have approached the issue from multiple angles. The result? Easier recycling of a monetizable component.

Another change is the growth of artificial intelligence. We’ve had the sense of AI hanging around the periphery, but now it feels poised to take center stage. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT. Have you tried it? I admit, as a writer, I’m a little leery of it but I can see its benefit. I love the idea of AI parsing thousands of social media comments and reporting positive and negative responses in seconds. I’ve seen it used on Amazon to summarize product reviews. I’m curious -— are you using AI? If so, how? We’re planning an industry-specific article on AI for our September issue, and I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected].

Of course, our industry introduces products throughout the year, but especially during the Las Vegas and High Point markets. Please look for our full coverage of the Vegas market in the next issue and check our social media feeds to see photos and videos captured during the market. In the meantime, be sure to read Julie A. Palm’s informative article about what’s new with adjustable bases.

And now for a change that marketers are not so excited about — the reduction of ad space on TV and digital media and rising ad costs, thanks to a U.S. presidential election. This year, political ad spending is expected to break records. Statista, a global data and intelligence platform, estimates politicians will spend $10.2 billion on advertising this year. That’s billion, with a “b.” All that spending means costs are likely to rise and competition for ad space and consumer attention will be fierce. Please plan ahead.

No matter what the year brings, I hope it’s one that brings the kind of change that’s like a breath of fresh air. Change isn’t always easy, but many times change is good.

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