Specialty Sleep Association creates product seals

The Specialty Sleep Association, based in Friant, Calif., has unveiled a two–tier label and seal program, aimed at educating consumers about a bed’s health, safety and environmental attributes.

Mattress manufacturers pay a fee to the association and complete an application process with documentation in order to use the label and seal on their beds. Consumers can obtain more detailed information about a participating manufacturer by contacting the association or visiting its Web site, www.sleepinformation.org.

The Level I seal indicates that a manufacturer has met all federal flammability requirements, warrantees its product, meets applicable safety requirements for children’s products, discloses material construction with a descriptive label, reports annually on its carbon footprint and meets standards set by the Montreal Protocol Act for ozone–depleting substances.

The Level II seal designates that the manufacturer has met all Level I requirements, has satisfied California Section 1350 standards for low–volatile organic compounds and uses mattress fabrics free of harmful substances.

“Purchasing safe and environmentally friendly products is an overwhelming concern of consumers,” said Dale Read, association president. “This first–of–its–kind safety and environmental program for mattresses represents the best way to finally deliver a clear message that the bedding industry is listening to that concern. The program is all about transparency and education. It represents a unification of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers around a set of environmental terms and definitions that will reduce confusion and bolster sales to consumers eager to purchase environmentally friendly products.”

The program is the result of the association’s year–long Green Initiative, which brought together 15 manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. The group surveyed consumers and retail sales associates, examined various other certification programs and standards, and studied how best to address consumers’ concerns about the safety and sustainability of mattres

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