My best mattress-shopping tip

my pillow

My favorite pillow

If you’re shopping for a new bed this weekend (good for you!) and came upon BedTimes magazine in your research on brands, models and components–I want to share my favorite mattress-shopping tip.

Buy a new pillow or bring your favorite one with you (if it’s in good shape and not too old) when you shop. Use that pillow to test every bed you are seriously interested in buying. BTW, in its “Simple Guide for Mattress Shopping, the Better Sleep Council says it can take up to 15 minutes to completely relax and assess a new sleep surface. Take your time when rest-testing beds.

In my opinion, shopping with your favorite pillow is the perfect way to find just the right “mattress fit.”

Fortunately, most mattress retailers sell every type of pillow–polyester fiber fill, down, latex and memory foam pillows. Maybe it’s time to pick a new favorite. My favorite pillow is latex and I’ve been known to take it on road trips, pack it in suitcases and carry it through airports.

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