Interzum Cologne 2017 Bedding Support Systems

Sleek slat systems offer enhanced support

With vivid colors and interesting shapes, plastic resin support systems for slatted bed bases are not only pretty to look at, they also have come a long way in terms of providing adjustable and zoned support.

Standard Gum slat ‘pads’ are strong, breathable

Standard Gum, a 25-year-old manufacturer of thermoplastic components for slatted bed frames based in Bourges, France, won an Interzum award for High Product Quality for Fluent Trio. The new suspension system is comprised of individual “pads” that attach to bed slats and provide a flat, consistent bearing surface that also allows air to circulate around the mattress. Each pad is poured as a single piece from a strong, elastomer resin. The shock-absorbing plastic pads are available in different firmnesses to create zoned support.

Standard Gum Interzum Cologne 2017 Bedding Support Systems

New Fluent Trio
created by Bourges, France-based Standard Gum, combines a ‘homogenous surface’ with flexible, well-ventilated support.

Integral OKE bed slat earns accolades

OKE Group GmbH, with headquarters in Ummerstadt, Germany, refined Goodside, a fiberglass-rod reinforced slat system made from polypropylene and meant for use in upholstered furniture and bedding. First launched at Interzum Cologne 2015, colorful Goodside bed slats are available in five widths and nine hardnesses for creating zoned comfort.

The company took the technology to the next level, introducing a concept slat system, Goodside Fusion, for which it won the Best of the Best Interzum award. For mattresses, Fusion is described as a “two-in-one solution for single beds that does away with the need for a slatted or platform base.” It’s unique in that the slats slide into pockets on the bottom of the mattress, or between foam layers, when used in upholstered seating.

Updated Delahousse Pod System offers easy adjustability

Vauchretien, France-based Delahousse, a supplier of mattress and bed frame components, as well as mattress manufacturing machinery, presented the new Elipto Pod System for bed slats. Elipto joins the company’s nine other pod systems, which are designed to offer sleepers “independent suspension for better comfort and ventilation.”

The newly engineered pods for slatted bed bases offer improved strength and “elasticity” and have an easy-fit underplate for attaching to bed slats. Perhaps most important of all, these pods simply click and slide to create three different comfort levels, the company said.

Delahousse Interzum Cologne 2017 Bedding Support Systems

Delahousse, based in Vauchretien, France, expanded its Pod System technology for bed slats to allow for easy comfort adjustments.


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