BedTimes Magazine December Preview

Join Beth, Dave and Waynette as they share their highlights of the December issue of BedTimes Magazine. Your Supplies Guide + the economic outlook for 2023, a wrap-up of the latest High Point Market and more!


Beth English
Hey, it’s Beth English, editorial director of BedTimes Magazine. Here with Dave Perry, editor at large, and Waynette Goodson, managing editor. And we’re here to tell you about the December issue of BedTimes. It is our biggest issue of the year always because we have our handy dandy supplies guide, which is, let me tell you, a labor of love.

It takes a lot of hands-on deck to get that put out for you guys. And we hope it’s super useful. You know, all these suppliers are listed alphabetically and also by products. So any time you have some needs, you should go check out our supplies guide, which will be live on the website hopefully later today. If not, check back this week.

I also wanted to talk about how we have our annual economic forecast. As expected, it’s not great for this year, predicting some stormy weather and some headwinds for housing. You know, we’ve got inflation and supply chain issues, and you guys know, you know what it’s like. But if you want more details on the bigger global aspects, be sure to check out the story Phil Perry writes for us every year.

And I think I want to hand it off to Dave because I think he had a more industry-specific look at the year.

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Dave Perry
I do, Beth. Thanks for that. Yeah, I sent out some questions to some industry leaders, and that was Cody Messner at Leggett and Platt, Dennis St. Louis at Jones Family of Companies, Don Wright of Wright Global Graphics, Stuart Carlitz of Bedding Industries of America, Amy Stennett Lava USA and Bill Hammer of Shiffman to get their thoughts. There is some consensus that next year faces, as you mention, Beth, challenges.

And one of the things that I asked the executives is what are the opportunities next year? Cody Messner says innovation is going to be important. Dennis St. Louis and Bill Hammer both talk about the fact that wellness is in the spotlight now, which is an industry opportunity. Stuart Carlitz is talking about the broad selection his brands offer, and that’s something they’re going to be touting.

Amy Stennett also says design and innovation are important. And finally, Don Wright and I like this. He says, in challenging times, it’s a good time to review everything. And that’s what he’s recommending for next year. Also, in this issue, I will have a profile on Restonic, which is doing a nice business with the Scott brothers. That’s one of their branding partners and also with Biltmore.

And if anyone lives in North Carolina, they know Biltmore at Christmas. That is a magical combination of words. So if you’re not in North Carolina, you want to come to North Carolina to see Biltmore at Christmas. And finally, I’ve got a column that talks about the pieces that fell into place at the High Point Market and Waynette,

That may be a good segue way to you. You and I, and Beth, were all working the High Point Market. What were a couple of your key takeaways from High Point?

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Waynette Goodson
I’ll tell you, Dave, it was business as usual. I mean, you used the word in the intro, exuberant, to describe the mood of the market. I got to meet a lot of folks who I hadn’t met before in bedding. I got to see all of the new beds at Elements. I got to meet Lee Boone Luxfort Home and see their new idea of an adjustable base sort of slash motion.

This thing does everything. You have to check it out. And also, you know. Shiffman, getting to meet Bill Hammer and get to see the Modern Vintage Collection. And one thing I loved about Bill in your economic outlook, Dave, in almost every question he answered, he talked about in these times, it’s so important to keep your marketing going and to keep your face out there as consumers weigh all these new choices and, you know, look at their budget in the new year that it’s so important to keep your name, you know, top of mind with consumers.

So, Bill, I just wanted to give you a shout-out for those wonderful answers, but I had a great time. We did all these fun videos, Dave. Beth, what was your, you know, what was your like top note at the market? What did you enjoy?

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Beth English
Well, I really enjoyed being in the Bedding Industries of America showroom. They have so many products. Always a pleasure to just go lay on their beds. It’s very fun. I was only there for one day, so I had to hit the high spots in a couple of places. But I did enjoy that. And you know, all the other folks I got to walk around and visit, it was it had a really good feel to the market.

It was very buzzy, is happy, which was really nice.

Waynette Goodson
And, you know, I’m already. I mean, I know that December 1st is like tomorrow. Still, folks, I’m already preparing for January Vegas because, based on the energy at High Point, I think I’m going to have to buy a pair of roller skates for Vegas to get around, to get to see everyone. Please tune in to our coverage because we’re coming to you live with lots of new video product releases, especially posted on the website coming soon.

Beth English
So that’s it for December. Check back with us next month when we’ll have it again this January here. And until then, enjoy your December. Thanks so much. Bye.

Waynette Goodson
Merry Christmas, everybody.

Dave Perry
Happy holidays.

Waynette Goodson

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