MPT Group unveils innerspring maker

The Helix Spring Machinery division of MPT Group Ltd., which has headquarters in Bacup, England, has announced the global launch of its patented Infinity Sleep Support System, a continuous–wire spring unit fabricator.

According to the company, the fully automatic system produces zoned coils and spring units at high speed. It saves manufacturers on raw materials through its use of micro–gauge wire to produce a spring unit with “excellent durability and body conformity characteristics,” the company said. A typical queen spring unit with 916 coils is far lighter than a standard Bonnell innerspring, according to MPT Group.
“Mattress manufacturers can save in excess of 50% in steel costs,” said Andrew Trickett, MPT Group sales director. “It is also twice as fast as current systems, producing spring units at a rate of about 200 units per eight–hour shift,” Trickett said. “This machine gives mattress makers serious justification for investing in machinery to manufacture their own spring units.”

The Infinity Sleep Support System produces 6¼–inch tall spring units that better adjust to the contours of the body, according to the company. Coil heights of 7 inches and 8 inches are coming soon.

“Feedback we’ve had from people who have bought the system has been that this machine could turn the spring industry on its head, and possibly eclipse use of the much heavier Bonnell coil,” Trickett said.

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