Pure LatexBLISS touts sleek, sexy POP

Mattress maker Pure LatexBLISS has created new point-of-purchase displays that employ high-end design and attention-getting imagery of beautiful men and women reclining on beds. Retailers can customize their showroom floors with a range images and POP materials.

latex mattress maker Pure LatexBLISS point-of-sale materials

Eye-popping displays: New in-store marketing materials from mattress maker Pure LatexBLISS include curved wall dividers, posters, hanging pillow displays, topper racks and curved footboards.

“Retailers tell us our new displays are at the intersection where Victoria’s Secret meets Apple,” said Kurt Ling, co-founder and chief executive officer of the Atlanta-based manufacturer. “We first displayed the POP in High Point and our customers confirmed our feelings—that these displays are remarkably high-end, distinctive and establish the brand in a very clean, modern and graphically dominant way.”

Store display items include curved wall dividers, artlike wall posters printed on fabric and stretched across metal frames, hanging pillow displays, topper racks, footboards that give shoppers privacy while testing beds and more.

“Our ultimate goal is to increase the retailer’s average ticket, making their store and our products even more experiential,” said Ling. “We strive to be innovators in the sales process and retail experience. We chose to be creative and original in selecting the graphics and materials for our display, and I believe it will pay off in a big way at retail.”

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